“The taxi driver at the airport seemed friendly at first, neither old nor young, but it was hard for Ali to tell. His thickly-dyed hair was flat mahogany, and a few tell-tale silver hairs peeked through his open-necked shirt, but he had a youthful spring to his gait as he made his way across the airport car park. His kind smile made Ali’s eyes brim. Perhaps the man would help him.”

Runaway in Beyond the Border: New Writing from British Asian Women, edited by Farhana Shaikh. Dahlia Publishing, November 2014

“At first, it had seemed a great adventure, working on the visionary Crossrail project, and being part of such an astonishing feat of engineering. But Ivan suffered bouts of uneasiness almost from the moment the work began, with excavations uncovering things that should be left well alone. Charnel houses were unearthed, and a Roman baptistery discovered. Nearby, a skeleton of a baby. They’d come across a massive femur and joked that it must have belonged to a giant that had roamed the earth in prehistoric times, only to discover they’d been fooled: it was a mammoth’s bone.”

The Hades Hotel, Spitalfields Life, January 2013